Amen Thank you in advance.

Dear Lord Thank you for speared life and forgive me for all my sins in words thoughts and deeds.

I just want to thank you for taking time to bless the hands that take my letter to the walls of Jerusalem so my pyayers could be answer.

Lord, last time I wrote you I was so depressed but, I believed you have answered my prayer as I am not so anxious anymore, I thank you again.

At this time I ask you precious father, to help me overcome my debt I have to pay a mortgage my husband took three years ago but, now he has gone to live with you three months ago I am alone with an old mother to care for so please dearest father in heaven help pay my bills and streghten my health so i can continue to care for my mother.

one more thing father please help to get my birthcertificate so I can get a job without this paper i can do nothing, also help me to be free from the ins they trying to send to some country i don’t know nothing about because i dont look a normal person, so please dear lord take charge of my life so my worries and stress and problems will be gone.

Please god do something quickly I have to face the ins and the goverment on dec.

3rd so help me to be freee in Jesus’ precious name Amen Thank you in advance.