Serenity and happiness

God, I have just started to really get to know you and intrust you with my life although people say you have always guided each and every one of your children including me .

But I never believed it before a couple months ago when i really need something more to believe in then just what’s around me and my Memories witch will always be so close to me .

Because I never forget anything about my life as you know that one of the things you blessed me with and i give great thanks for that and I want to tell you I love you .

But that’s not the thing .

I want to right this letter in pray of a couple of people and my teachers at school so i will list them and what i ask you bless them with and tell my bond with them .

May you Bless Mrs. SChanz for she has kept me going strong and got me through all the hard times and gave me the knowledge to become smarter and strong in some areas . .

May you always guide her and give her strength each and every day of her life May you bless Mrs. Kapalkoe for she has really made me understand much so much more in eaisr ways that has helped me become a better math student and making me willing to try hard, Give and grant her happiness and joy in life God Bless MR Myers for he makes life in sciece class so fun it’s not even pathtic and this quarter let him know i am willing to work harder toward my grade in his class , and for the rest of the year ..

God Bless Mr DI FOr I am not in his class anymore but it was fun so let him no the happiness it brought to me .

God Bless Mr Jhonson for he is the best thing that has happened in gym since mrs jurgans at troy let him know I am willing to work my but off and stay in his class till the end for it is fun and i love being in his class most fo the time .

Keep him strong May you bless Mr Fitch my history teacher for he is cool and fun to be with although test in his class suck my life out the windowe but let him know I love his class Grant him the gift to keep others fun in his class and to be an awesome teacher always .

God may you bless Miss Lawson for she is fun to be in her class adn she is really nice i love working hard for Spanish is amazing and I love it .

grant her the gift of eternal happiness God Bless Grumbos he is awesome but he can suck the fun out of the world some times he is still the best La teacher ever and ever.

Grant him the gift of almighty .

God Bless MR ewald his General music class is tops and i would love to take it again next year .

Finally, God Bless Mr Kaiser for he has kept me strong Mrs schanz has gave me good infoe adn adivce kept me happy, and allowed me to have happiness every time I see him.

Grant him serenity and happiness