are blessed with from ADONAI.

I want to serve Yahweh and spread the Good News about Yeshua to all nations.

I pray for my daughter Alexis, Jessica, and Samantha for Wisdom and Yahweh’s guidance in their life that He will use them in this world to do good things for the world to bring Him glory.

To be favored all the days of their life and to never sin against Yahweh.

That the work they will do for Yahweh in this world that He will show them what their calling is.

For Jessica to be the greatest writer and producer in the Entertainment Industry and they will never leave God and love their neighbor.

That they will be wealthy to give to the poor.

Send spirit-filled friends in their lives.

To be on top and to be known in the world for good. Protect them from all evil.

Bless them with courage, faith, love, joy peace and blessed marriage.

A God’s heart and mind of Yeshua.

They will fear no man but Yahweh.

To be thankful for all things that they are blessed with from ADONAI.