Betty Kadence and Garrett Jr.

Dear God, We are doing all you have asked of us, every night we kneel and pray for Meagan to get to come home to us and we know it will be soon- bubby and sissy and I miss her soo much! Please God watch over my little angel until I can, tuck her in every night, and tell her that we love her sooo much and that her little brother and sister are taking good care of her toys and Mr.Bear.

Lord, please make the time go fast till I can hold her in my arms again.

Each day seems to take forever, and I miss not hearing her voice yelling Mom! Look! or even her sneaking down the hall and climbing into my bed because she was scared my back was cold.

Tell their Dad I’m not mad anymore and that I love him it’s just that I am so lost and miserable without her I can’t help it.

If nothing else please make sure that one day we will get to be together again.

Thank you for tomorrow and for my children without them I would be nothing.

Goodnight Lord watch over us all I can’t wait till I get to thank you in person but for now, I will continue doing good things for you.

Love, Betty Kadence and Garrett Jr.