In Jesus’ name I Pray. Amen

Dear God, I don’t know where to begin.

First I want to Thank you for life, health, and strength.

I thank you for keeping my mind when I thought I was about to go down and to get up no more.

I thank you for my job, my house, my cars I know these are material things given by you but you allow me the breathe your breath so that I might have these things to continue my daily routine.

God I thank you for my MIGHTY DELIEVERANCE it was truly a KNOCK OUT but hey anyway you bless me Lord, I’ll be satisified! God I thank you for my family and TRUE FRIENDS! I Especially give thanks for LEADERS such as mind.

If it was for their guildence to you I may still be out losted.

God please bless your people in a special way.

Lord, once again I just say Thank You for all they things you have done and is about to do.

In Jesus name I Pray.