do this. Love you Irene Kimel

I want you to forgive me for anything I have done.

The new year will be different, I am going to Church and for you.

I am asking , if it your will that I will lose some weight.

I am 25 pounds over the weight I should be. Please find it in your heart to help me loose .

Lord you know my thought’s and I will prove to you I do love you more than you know, well you know me more than anyone in the world.

Please help my husband and all my friends.

I pray that you will not let any Child go hunergery and Please help me to forgive anyone that I should.

Remember you are the most special Man in the whole world and can do anything.

I feel you will help me and love you so much. I am begging you to do this.

Love you Irene Kimel