blessed with God’s love. Amy

Lord, Please protect all of the children of the world, including my own.

Please protect all the men on earth, including my husband. Please protect all of the women on earth, including myself. All living things live through you. I know there is a lot I don’t understand and might never, but I want to love with compassion.

Make eternal relationships with you and mankind. How much more will our earth go through before you intervene? I know you are there with us, but seeing your divine power overthrow evil will certainly be one wonderful moment of manmade time. Make people realize that money does not establish character, it establishes materialism.

I love you, and every day I vow to give you more time. PLEASE forgive me for my sins. If at all possible, please forgive my loved ones for theirs also. They are only human.

We are not perfect by any means. I hope this really does go to the Holy land because the only way I could ever go is to soul walk.

Thank you for my family and friends, but most of all, thank you for the blood of your only child shed to forgive fools as myself. No one could ever thank you enough, but I will try through my actions. I love you!

Thank you, Lord! I have no denomination but Christianity! I think the Pope is blessed as we all are in God’s light. Thank you to the person who takes this to the Holy Land, and may your life be blessed with God’s love. Amy