As you know I am one of your badass kids I skip school most of the time and don’t care wher I might end up at but I want to stop and I don’t have any idea of how to start a new life of my own and I want to do right I try my best to learn how but after I try I decided to ask you if you could forgive me for all mny wrong doings in the past and I will keep on trying my best.

Can I ask you a question umm you wouldn’t come out and say it right now cuz that would be very scary aways how come everything that has happened to ended up hurting me how come a lot of my close family members died.

Since I am close to my boyfriend will he die cuz I can not let that happen should I push him away since I dont want that to happen to himn everyday I worry about that going to happen and god how come I cant have a baby am I not ready.

I love you god and like they say things happen for a reason I just don’t understand why they do happen.

Love you and love you more and more with out you there will not be no me or anyone eles other than adom amd eve