I AM Sorry For Everything

My whole life I have been judged by other people and some family members.

I said Jesus’ name in vain over the years by picking it up from a family member mistakenly, but yet you still sent out an angel back in 2016 to save my life from drowning that day by almost trying to commit suicide just to fall in love with him like how you fell for Mother Mary.

People have always controlled my religious beliefs and people / humanity have told me before that you either love me or hate me because of the ” sins I have done ” and mistakenly done by other people.

Sometimes I wish my life never had a meaning behind it still for I struggle with mental illness issues since birth and happens to have a borderline personality disorder and don’t know if I’m actually a girl in spirit when yet I am born a girl …

God, I have seen your face many times before and have not yet died by seeing it.

Some say when you see God’s face you die, but in my case, you allow me to live for a reason, and for in that case, my life does have a meaning behind it for the afterlife when I die.

I do believe still that my path is a narrow path and can easily make it into Heaven.

I have helped a lot of people in my lifetime and even homeless people and has volunteered one time at a shelter before.

When I can’t even put my own self first because I’m so gratefully worried about others in need besides my own needs.

I’m born to be born baptized into the Christian faith, and I guess in a way I am saying that, thank you for allowing me to live and having me partner up with an angel to fall in love with.

Not everyone has these amazing experiences.

I am also glad that Jesus Christ and I are very close best friends.

May you keep looking out for this lost and broken humanity.


All the love – heart and soul,
Kristin Daniele Phillips.