messiah! Sweet dreams yahweh!

Dear father, As my dad you have given me what I need to know to succeed and strive in life, and yet I cannot give you the only thing you ask of me.

You want me to be your faithful servant and I have failed you, you wanted to keep me strong and I forgot your name, you wanted to give me another chance and I have disobeyed my promise not once but twice.

I cannot continue to ask for forgiveness and then no do right by you. I need you Lord to help me through because I struggle with temptation, hatred, and with bitterness toward man. I want to have the same heart that dwells in your being, I don’t ever want to desert oh cause I know u would never leave me stranded.

I love you with all my heart, dear Lord, and I ask that you will forgive for my sins, that you may strip me from any burdens that dwell I.

My soul, and that you will once again null my consequences for this time because I am not deserving, but I am willing to act accordingly.

I love you dad, and the Promise that dwells in my bert and soul for you is less than what you deserve, and still you accept.

My Promise is all that I can give you, and NO being on this universe deserves anything more tHan what I have offered you. You are my heart, my love, my savior, my forever.

And that’s my last promise! Forgive me, father for I have sinned…

Till I see you again, Buenos Noches padre! Good night messiah! Sweet dreams yahweh!