mature and forward thinking.

Thank you for all that you provide for me and my soul.

Thank you for my family, Tracey, Larry, Sasso, Gaibrois, Greg, Sam Saturn, Jen Fowler, Simon and Melissa and please watch over us, protect us, guide us and help us to protect each other to ensure success for the future.

I’m sure you’ve got it covered but would to ask that the guys at work support my growth and my attendance at the digital marketing meetings.

Please give me the strength I need to be a fierce competitor and protect me from those who try to put me down and who are jealous of me (i.e., Leigh, Matt, and other guys at work).

Please help me recognize what I am dealing with and effectively and constructively respond with confidence knowing that you’ve got my back (and my front).

Please help Jessica and Tracey find their future husbands, Charles and Karen work out their differences, Lisa and Gilad’s love to finally bloom (if that is what is right), please help Matt realize his mistake and come groveling back to me begging for a second chance and knowing he is in love with me…

please continue to protect me and my heart and allow me to be mature and forward thinking.