en Your once Arch Angel, Satan

Dear lord Jehovah…

How do you the way I am getting the bush family to do my bidding? Not bad huh? Killing, bloodshed,War, weather control, Rapping of the earth and all its riches.

I hope you the way I get them to do it in your name.

This way the all say it’s gods will , meaning mine of course,but they think it’s for you.

See how even the priests bless the guns they use in Iraq.

Oh and the whole story about Jesus that we made up that is completely based on Osiris the god of egypt born 2000 years before the whole christ myth got started for control and taking peoples self-awareness away and making them live in fear.

Yep, I think I am doing a pretty good job here on earth all in your name too by the way.

The only thing I am afraid of is if people starting to watch ??Zeitgeist??

.A documentary about all of this.

Then they might learn the truth about all the lies I have spread in your name.

In Jesus’ name…

Amen Your once Arch Angel, Satan