Love Always, Your Son Art

Dear God, first I would to give Thanks for the life you game me as well as my 3 wonderful children, family & friends.

At this time I come to you to place you hands over the heart of my friends daughter (Victoria Young).

As you know that she is in a battle with Leukemia.

Please stop her pain & if it in your will cure her.

Give her & her family the strenght & Faith to fight & win this battle.

Please watch over my 3 children (Arthur, Ariel & Mia).

Help my 2 oldest find jobs where they get enough hours & are happy at.

Help them in their education & in all they do.

Watch over my family & Friends as well as their families.

For myself I ask that you Prayer for me to be the person you want me to be.

help me out in my health, bills & all I do.

It’s been 4 years that I divorced & I would to have you help me find someone to love.

Thank for taking time out of your busy time & hearing my Prayers.

Love Always, Your Son Art