I need to get out of this.

Dear God, I was doing my mission for you; and was doing fine, however, I allowed someone to come into my life, I have sinned and have fal shorr.

This person claimes to be a minister, we sinned committing adultry.

I found out that he was still married and was not divorced, however he was separated from his wife.

He was trying to start a Church, I feel that he was a demon in disquise, pulling me away from my church and my mission.

I had worked 5-6 days per week volunteering for a ministry at the Church and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now I feel miserable, I have joined his church, quit going to my own church, not doing my mission work anymore.

I need help.

I do not want to marry this guy.

I realize now that it never lined up with the scriptures.

I need to get out of this.