imself > and me his wife. aman

I live in Muncie Indiana.

dear God, bless you, and please > know that you are a blessing to my life.

I would to share my story > with you, I know you must be very bissy so I will not take to much of > your time.

> I am standing on God’s word for my marriage.

Its has been the hardest thing > I’ve been through in my life and walk with the Lord, but I am thankful at > the same time because it has brought me closer to Jesus then I ever was, > and I know that my husband will come back to me because his life is better > with me.

I also know that God is not a man that he could lie and that God > will restore the years that have been sto in our marriage.

I have been > married twenty three years and the last two my husband has been back and > forth with a much younger woman.

However I know he is deceived and > backslide when I told the lord that I love my husband for better or worse > I didn’t say well Lord as long as everything goes my way then and only then > will I stay in this marriage.

yes I have my days on top of the mountan and > my days in the valley.

I am looked on by people in the world and in the > church as week, however that is far from true it takes great strength to > stand on God’s word for your marriage, to take God at his word to keep > asking when everyone around you thinks its hopeless.

the girl has been > very mean to me said every hurtful thing she could come up with time after > time.

however our father is so great not only has he made a way for me to > forgive her over and over.

I pray for her not just that God would turn her > heart from my husband but hat he would save her that no harm would come to > her, and that she would never know my pain.

I also pray day and night with > out ceasing for my husband to come to himself and return to his first love > Jesus that he would know what is good and true and be set free from > bondage.

what is really sad to me is that many Christians give the same > advise as the world gives move on find another man, my reply is always the > same show where Jesus said that in his word.

many people say they want to > be Jesus until they are called to be.

I ask God most days to make me > the wife he wants me to be and I remind myself that love covers a multude > of sin, and love is not just a word is is a way of life when we look to > Jesus and that God said he made us one so many time when I pray I ask God > to to set me free from the other woman and to bring me home to him and my > wife, we just have got to get to a place where we rely belive Gods word > and live we do.

i am thankful for your site and I am thankfull I came > across it tonight becouse, so many times people say just thank God and be > happy thy say where is your joy, the thing is when your husband is in the > world and was once a man of God and you are one with him, you have a > berden and a berden dose not meen joy.

all my hope is in God I know all I > can do is to keep it before him, untill he brings Aaron back to himself > and me his wife.