Thank you for being my God!

God, I Love you more than anything and I don’t know what I would do without you and everything in life you have blessed me with.

Lord faith is such a wonderful gift.

and if I didn’t have faith I wouldn’t have anything because although my anxiety is killing me right now the faith you have blessed me with helps me get through the day.

And when my mind takes me places I don’t want to go I can always run to you and pray that everything will be ok.

the peace and tranquiity you bless me with every day is …….

I don’t even know what word to use to describe it.

Lord i am so desperate right now God you know I do things with a passion and I’m in love And Lord I love his with the deepest passion imaginable.

God, please help us make please don’t let any temptation come his way Lord i know I’ve asked you this already time and time again but God I know you love me and you know I’m faithful to you Lord im devoted to you and i really think I deserve a wonderful man who loves me.

God, why isn’t he talking to me? What’s wrong with him God? Lord bring him peace and i know you show him many many things but God brings him tranquility and Lord help him understand my deep devotion to him.

God, please don’t take him from me! God, please make him want to stay.

God, please keep him from sin.

Lord, please help me make him happy. God, please! I want nothing but the best for him and I know I do things sometimes that are inconsiderate of his feelings but God you know I love him you know I do please God Marquise is my heart Lord I know you gave him to me for a reason so please don’t take him from me and please don’t give him to anybody else.

God, I know I ask and I ask and continue to ask from you.

Yes, I do want to satisfy you Lord but what can a mere human do for you, Lord? What can I possibly do for you? Jesus, please bring my baby back home I miss him so much and I do need him but I want him to need me as much God.

God keep him in his sanctuary.

Lord if it’s me he needs right now then make it possible for us.

God help us out, please! Lord I love you I’m desperate.

Please God my soul is crushed and you made me to be his other half so God without him I’m lost please help God! I love you! Thank you for being my God!