Breaking point. Please help her.

I have an online friend who seems to be under a demonic attack.

When she began to tell me what was going on, I thought there were other possibilities. I am now convinced enough to ask for prayer on her behalf.

She has horrible dreams and wakes up with scratches and burns on her body. I have heard her being hit by something repeatedly as she gasps in pain.

I have heard her bedroom door slam on its own. I finally convinced her to talk to a parapsychologist or priest.

She did so, but there has been a delay in finding a priest qualified to perform an exorcism. One night not long ago, I got messages from it saying join us and sexually suggestive messages, which is completely un her.

Later that same night, it spoke to me over her mic. It was her voice, but it wasn’t.

The tone and language were completely un her. I am not particularly religious, but I do own a Bible. I began reading the Lord’s Prayer to it, and it seemed to have some effect.

At times she would come back. And be able to speak for a while, then it would return, hurt her, and mock me. I felt a tingling sensation spread from my hands, which held the Bible, up to my arms, across my shoulders, upper back, and neck. At times a fantastic calm swept over me, and I was able to actually laugh at it and call it a liar and a coward and a parasite. It seemed confused by this and asked me who I was and why I had such influence over her.

When I asked its name, it said it was “the one” but later admitted that wasn’t so.

It has threatened to come here and torment me as well, but I don’t feel any threat here. I am sending this prayer request to several online prayer request sites in the hope that she will be helped. I don’t know if I have opened myself up to something similar by talking to it, but any prayers for me would also be appreciated.

Her name is Victoria, and she’s in Pennsylvania. My name is Frank, and I’m in Texas. I feel that I was helped by God that night, and I am very thankful for that, but she continues to be tormented, and I am afraid she is nearing her breaking point.

Please help her.