Amen Betty-N-Florida, USA

Father God, I ask you to bring love into my life, I’m alone, and I want a husband, Someone to love only me,

I’m 55 now, I hurt sometimes and cry all nite, I have no one, I’ve been alone now for 7 years and now ready for you to bless me with a love of my own to help, love, go, have things together, and to you father

God, i give the praise, My aunt is dying of cancer, Put your hands on her Lord and help her pain, Bless my family and me,

Help me, Father, to get money to make ends meet, I’m so alone and no friends to trust, them that I thought where my friends used me for money or stole from me, Your word says ?? we all reap what have been sowned?? I ask you, Lord that the people that read this to also pray for me, and I receive good news and money soon to get my bills paid, I have a home but need a lot of work on it in south Georiga, Help me Lord that one of these shows or hud will fix my home so I can live in it, I’m disabled and I give you Father God all the Praise,

In Jesus Christ Name, Amen Betty-N-Florida, USA

Romans 8 verse 28

Romans 8:28 is a verse from the New Testament of the Bible, from the book of Romans, written by the apostle Paul.