I seriously need your help. God is merciful and gracious

Dear God, first of all, I thank you for everything
I am your servant, a resident of the Milky Way galaxy of the solar system of the planet Earth, Iran, and I live in Tehran
God, I had a lot of problems
I desperately need money I want to grow and build a new and right business for myself
Please help me and please help me some money
Next year, I will help you with the same amount of help to orphans and orphans, etc. Help me for a year and help me with some money so that I can solve my problems.

God, please help me.
God, erase this new coronary heart disease from the earth as well
Heal all the sick
Including my brother who needs a kidney.
And my sister who has rheumatism
God help all the patients to recover as soon as possible.
God help the needy and the needy and feed the hungry

May God forgive all the sinful servants
My King My Creator Please Help Me