Help me I know I’m asking a lot

God, my life is pointless.

I know I don’t say that I believe in you or that I spend my days honoring you but I beg that for the people who do support you either kill me (I’m selfish ik) or give me chances so I can do better, so I can become a world-famous goalkeeper and donate to charity as well as give back to my family .

Family is my biggest thing right now, has been since Grandad so please give me a family of my own with someone who loves me like I love them.

I know I’m asking a lot and more people need you who deserve to have their prayers answered so I’m sorry I’m just done.

Thank you

Let me have a better life

Dear God family is treating me like crapthey won’t let me have the air conditioner and let me have this hand me down fan 

What have I done?

What have I done to deserve to feel this way? I didn’t deserve the life I’ve led. I didn’t deserve this much unhappiness.

God please help me

God, please help me i don’t want to be pregnant. I’m not ready yet. God please help me, I still have to achieve a lot