I ask For your forgiveness

I know things’s got tough between us and I’ve always wish I could go back and make it better for you and take the pain away.

You are a great man and you’ve always been there for me and my kid’s.

That mean’s the world to me more then I tell you or show..

Your are my best friend and nothing could make me not love you..

I did some bad things’s in the past and made wrong choices, but I’m here today after being apart for 2yr?s to tell you that I’m soooo sorry for the pain and heart ack that I put you threw.

I know nothing can take it back and that’s why I pray for you..

I’d be lost without you in my life, you’re a big part of it now and I’d never want to go back where we were..

I hope you learn to forgive life’s to short..

I love you, Jennifer