C/o of: time to say I forgive, but can’t forget the pain…

Timothy{tim} Sloan & michael{joe} Hampton,I want a new start!!

For 7 years now alone, I have been hurt, due to you {my husband’S} that has cheated, lied, stoled, and used drugs, among having sex w/my girlfriends,I know there are men in this world that want a good woman for only theirself, to love & cherish I want you to know I forgive you now and you will and do reap what you have sowed

if you know these men ladies they are users and are still hurting the women they are with but at one time was my husband and I loved them dearly,I forgive you and father god I ask you to please bring a good man into my life, thank you and God bless.

??Betty?? {aka?S krickett}