I love you!! FORGIVE ME

Dearest Adel, Im putting this out for the whole world to see because I love you completely.

I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and turned down many wrong roads but in the end all those roads led me straight to you.

You found me jst in time on my knees, feeling defeated & full of bitterness toward the world you took my hand and pulled me back up turned me around and showed me that life wasn’t all bad you taught me how to feel again and how to love again.

I believe god sent you to me as an Angel on this earth, and I am finding it so hard to deal with all that has transpired between us in the last 2 months,I know I was wrong just as you are to, Im big enough to admit I was wrong and ask your forgivenes, if only you could do the same I know we would be alright and we could put this all behind us as another learning experience and go forward just as we always planned to do.

I love you Adel and Im incomplete and lost in this world without you

.Please forgive me as I have you and come back home.

I love you; Dee