In Jesus? name I pray. Amen.

Dear Lord, God, Adonai, Jesus Christ, and O Holy Mother God, I know that I do not deserve your forgiveness

I stumble and fall constantly.

I keep asking you to take me and use me for your purposes but then I go right back to sinning as if I have none of the control that I know that I do.

Please Lord Jesus, without your help I can’t overcome this addiction.

I am not strong enough, I am laden with sin. I ask you to forgive me, renew me, and give me the strength not to sin again.

Please Lord, deliver me from this evil, and please guide me to fulfill my destiny through you, Jesus Christ. Your Word gives me life. Without you and outside of you there is nothing.

Lord, please open my heart and mind to you so that I might know life.

Holy Mother Mary, please come into my life and help me know love. Please forgive me and take me away from this sin that so negatively affects my life. Please forgive me and help me never to hurt you again.

Lord, please send your holy spirit to descend and rest within me; breathe the Word into me and give me life.

And with this life guide me to open the potential of my gifts and share them with the world; to heal the world, to bring the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Please send your blessings down upon me so that I may bless others in your name.

Please help me to get to church and always be open to and aware of your presence therein.

Please dwell in me and I in you so that I may serve the world through you and know life in you, and so that you might help me to make of my life a good thing. Lord God of Israel, bringer of life and peace and creator of all that is holy, blessed be your name, blessed is all of your creation.

All creation proclaims your majesty and holy is your name in all the earth. Therefore, have mercy on us sinners, who cannot dream to know your perfection.

And help me to be true to the covenant that you have given to your best and favorite servants, your holy chosen people, of which I can only hope to inherit through the grace, love, and courage of a fully human man and a fully divine God.

In Jesus? name I pray.