in my life and for responding.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you! Last night was very strange but thank you! Please allow Rhoda and Fortuna to heal and mend their friendship to be stronger than ever.

Please guide Amanda to see how much our friendship meant to her and want to resolve the conflict.

Same with Sara and Matt.

Please heal Jessica, Jon, Matt and Grandma.

Please bless my family, Paul, Ari, Jeremy, Sean, Jason, Logic, Rob, Doug, Jim, Jon, Hunter, Chris, Jeremy, Paul, Rick, and Jon.

Please allow our relationship to heal and be mended. Please guide Matt to want to work things out – a man.

At that juncture, please allow me to express myself clearly, honestly, and confidently. Please don’t allow our love to fade out but to bloom and grow.

Please protect us from our enemies and from ourselves.

Please guide me to recognize things that need changing, change the things I can, and have the good sense not to resist but to accept the things I cannot change.

Thank you for allowing me to feel your presence in my life and for responding.