Should i just b by myself

Dear my ol mighty god please 4 give me 4 my sins and the way I act I love u and hope one day ill be able to live in ur eyes then the devel yes I, no I been a bad girl but my life is fallin down and I need ur guidence im very viot to things around me and my feelings to

I love women me and I don’t no what to do I want to get over her and move on and have babys out here with a man that i can make my husband but I don’t no what to do cuz I want her to want me now and not later on n life

I know things won’t always been perfect wit us but I want positive things with her a house and money and cars lots of things that only we can get on our own please god lookout for my prayer and answer these questions 4 me so I can move on in life show me where her heart is if I should stay or should I go to be with my future husband or should i just b by myself