Just Need To Talk God

Dear God,
My life has been stressful and I can’t really pinpoint what’s going on. It seems so many small things are irritating me.

I’m glad you have placed someone in my life that is willing to just be a friend and being able to follow their guidelines.

I made a decision today it didn’t feel right but I felt the peace immediately afterwards. I just ask Lord that the relationship im pursuing is blessed and anointed. I want to prophesy over that it will work and I have nothing to worry about.

That I’m patient and let him guide the way and less of me and more of you. I’m also so thankful for letting to you to guide me in my identity process of just enjoying the simple things in life and enjoying it too.

I know I haven’t been discipling as much as I would like to but please tell me when the next season in my life will be and allow me to know without a doubt just like the spirit based mind you have set inside me. Allow all worry and anxiety to be washed clean and all lukewarmness to be casted out the the sea to never return. Thank you for keeping me sober and thank you for keeping me right by your side and not letting go. I’m more than honored to be called one of your sheep.

I feel like I havent shown enough care but I do.

Just let tomorrow be a new day and to see with your eyes Father, in Jesus name, Amen!