my faith in jesus name amen

Dear Lord.

i just to thank you for what you done for me and what you are doing for me and everything you will be doing for me.

please forgive me for all my sins in words thought and deeds, come in to my life now I will exept you as my lord and saviour.

Lord , i wrote you before and so far each time I wrote you I am feeling so good I know you have answered my prayer.

please dear God, help me to overcome all my troubles and grant me freedom from the goverment ad ins, I am tired of being so stresse out because I am taking care of my old mother and I am worried that the feds wil come at me to arest me for a past crime i never commit but, since the person who did it is dead the feds are trying to put me away.

I am beleiving in yoou for a maracle becausei need you in my life you are the only one I can put my trust in.

i need your help and confidence and help me build my faith in jesus name amen