Let me be in heaven Please

Let me be in heaven Please when you really want me to die Let me be in heaven.

I can not clean the evil inside me Please help me I do not want to be in hell! Please, I want to be with my family with Grandpa B and Grandma S.

Help me I’m only a 12 and a half-year-old girl and see what I’ve done in life Help me please help me I beg you Please do not do anything to my family! Please, my parents, God forbid, will not die of disease or cancer, as my brother. Long life.

And that my grandmother, Bracha, will merit such a long life as my stepmother Yehudit. Please that the economic situation remains as it is now and my health.

I really love you even if I do not show it but you know and I know that deep inside you remain a sign of the heart A pure gold that loves you even if the second evil and black surround You know that I love you Please help me 1 I love you Father in heaven !! Help me, Father, help me, please.

I do not want to read something to my family because of my sins. Let me be a kind daughter, a responsible daughter, a daughter who does not curse, a daughter who loves her family more than she does now, a daughter who helps.

I believe in you God (Father in heaven) changed my life