I am tired, God I need your help

Dear God, i am totally broken. I am tired of this life. I am tired of being so poor and dependent on people. i am so tired of people hating on me. I am sotired of being worried and amxious.

I am so tired of people peddling lies about me. I am so tired of being accused by the very people I love.

I am tired of being tolerated not loved. I am so tired that my aunty sees me as her enemy, yet all I have ever done is to love her. I am so tired that my cousin Faizah keeps on peddling lies, she keeps making her parents to hate on me.
God, I am so tired of stagnation, rejection and delays in my life.

Did you give me this degree so i can just keep it in the house? I have tried to apply for jobs, but nothing happens.

Didn’t you promise to make a way for me? it has been years, but there is no job. God if you are there, hear my cries. I am so tired of crying every day. I am tired of hurting every day.
If you are there, remember Boke Writes, i am trying to start my own business, i need clients.

I don’t want to be deopendent on anyone. I want top have my own life. I am so tired of being mistreated by my aunt, her husband and her children.

God i am tired. you said you are faithful to your word and promises.

You promised me a job. You said i give sacrifices, i did that, not once but severall times. You used your servants. But father it hasd been years and nothing is working in my life. Are those people not your servants? Were they lyimg to me?
God, I am tired. I know, i am not perfect. I know there are times I have failed you. But i keep trying. All i ask, God give me a job and if you cant give me a job, give me clients for my business. I don’t want much, I want what is enough for me to be independent. Because God I am so tired.

I am tired of crying everyday.

I am tired of being poor. I am not lazy, I am hardworking. please help me. Please answer me God.
Please answer me God.
Please answer me God.

I want to help my Mum and my siblings but I can’t because my life is more worse than theirs.

Don’t let this shame prevail over me. Please help me.
If i have offended you, I ask for forgiveness and mercy.
but help me God, I have no one to help me.

Please God helps me.