n and the Holy Spirit…..Amen

Dearest Heavenly Father.

Thank you for this day and the days to come.

Thank you for bestowing your merciful blessings on me and all those that I love and that are in my life.

Thank you for my wonderful family; my parents, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, children, grandchildren, and one that is on his way to join the addition to our family.

Thank you for showing me your love and grace.

Thank you for giving us the divine holiness of all your creations on our Mother Earth.

Thank you for giving us the Air that we breathe and the Water that gives us life. Thank you for the Sun that gives us warmth and the Moon that gives us tranquility.

Thank you for all the wonderful people and friends I have come to meet.

Bless them as they have all shared a part of their wisdom, love, and grace upon me.

May their loved ones also be blessed with your holiness. Father God….

I am so grateful for all that I have experienced in my life, whether it be bad and good.

For all life?s experiences have been most wonderful and full of wisdom. I have learned from all my mistakes.

I have become a better person for it and I have grown to know passion in my heart and soul in all the growing pains.

My children…..my love….

they are all wonderful and respectable and responsible children and grandchildren whom i have the utmost pride for.

Thank you, good lord, for allowing me to pray for myself and my family.

The business I am starting up again…

I pray that one day my dreams and ideas will flourish and shine.

Bless me to make the right choices in the relationship I am pursuing.

May the man of my dreams be there for me always…

as I will be there for him at all times.

Thank you Good Lord for all that you have blessed me with….

in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…..