my family and keep the safe.

Lord, please forgive me of my sins forgive my friends and family of there sins and wathch over them as well wathch over me.

lord let me be able to land a kickflip on my board that you blessed me with.

Father let me remeber and understand your word.

Also lord let me follow your word.

Father also keep me safe from the dangers of the world.

Father you are my saviour your only son died on the cross for everyone please let people understand it, and follow your word.

Also, Lord don’t let me get grounded any time soon.

Father I have faith let it grow.

I want to have a place in heaven. Let my family have a place there to.

Also lord let my cousins get into your word Lord i don’t want them to go to the lake of fire.

I have faith that you will do these things for my lord.

let me also get straight A’s on my report card this grading period.

I have faith you will do these things father i love u so much please wathch over my family and keep the safe.