Teach us how to please you

Lord help know all things too please you bless my life provide for my family and bring or guide me to the write women talk to us the believers unite the church teach us how to please you.

Personal Confessional

Pray for my life

He cometido muchisimos pecados y cosas con las que no me siento agusto como engañar a las personas y creo que todos los pecados exepto […]

I confess that I have sinned by telling lies, I have spoken badly of God and of the angels and by desperation, I tried to […]

Well, once again I decided to sin big time all of a sudden. I live a good Christian life and then get a desire to […]

I write here for the last time. I want to trust life, to lead us to the best places. I did not lie because I […]

My Soul Only today I understand what you are going through. I apologize that I was so inconsiderate, unattractive. You tried to explain to me […]