that would mean to us Linda

Dear prayer line, I find myself very lonely and angry right now. I am going thru an actual test of reality right now. My mother, Eva had a stroke three months ago and was in the hospital, and thanks to all the prayers, she was able to come home, But now I find myself in another situation that is not in my control my mother needs care, and I am her caregiver also holding a full-time job as well I travel 2 hours a day to go home on my lunch hour and check on her and feed her and giver her medications but it will get harder as the winter will be here soon.

They just finished building some new apartments across the street from my job, and I would like to move my mother and me there. Still, I do not have money for the deposit, and I have bad credit. I am sad because this would help me out a lot I am requesting that you please pray in Jesus’ name that God will put a miracle in my life to make a way so mom and I can get into that apartment only God knows in Jesus name how much that would mean to us, Linda.