O lord hear my cry

Oh god, Thank you for all the wonderful things that happened in my life and for keeping me safe.
Please guide me more, make me be more mature in life, strong in life.i want people to respect me, help me change my behavior.

Lord I am really sorry for not treating Irene properly, i messed up big. I have realized my mistakes and I wanna get back to her and I promise to you that i will not hurt her again. Lord, please give me one more chance with her, I will not hurt her till i die. Lord help to understand me and give me one more chance in her life and in her heart. please make her talk to me and fall in love with me…
Lord I have asked you so many things in life and I have not received it , but this time please help me, lord.

I have been crying so much, please understand me once.
I will never repeat the same mistake again. I promise! let me flow back to Irene’s heart.
make her forget and forgive the things that happened before. I love you, Jesus.
And please bless me with a better job and be in stable work.

Thank you for understanding me
Love you, Jesus.