what he is doing. Thank you

dear, god my saver, forgiver, and father i ask for your forgivness for all the sins that i have put on myself.

Please let my family be safe, healthy, and happy.

I want my mom, dad, uncles, aunts, my brother, grandmother and cousins to be happy, healthy and safe.

God please I’m begging for your forgiveness for all my sins and the one I will commit.

I’m only doing it to save my heart from the pain, for so many years god i have been blind and lost in my dreams that one day i can be fixed and live a happy life.

But finally, i see that it would never be.

god, i am sorry but my heart can’t take it no more, I’m tired of crying myself to sleep every night.

Please god tell me am i going to be fixed? that its unnoticeable unless you look closely? I have try but i cant do it anymore, please tell me in my dreams, let me know why i am here. and can you please take the pain away yourself by stopping my heart if i can’t be fixed.

for all those kids me out there please help them, people that have it all can be mean, and for the ones that go hunger to bed let them eat.

God if it come to be that i have to end my pain please open your doors for me and let me in.

one more thing please help Alex let him see what he is doing is not right and cure him god please.

let him come back and stop what he is doing.

Thank you