my mother forgive me. Piedad

Dear God, my creator, my life, I am so thankful for my life.

Yes, it is difficult to see myself all disfigured.

My face is deformed, I am missing all my teeth.

I am out of work and apparently too old.

My financial status could be better. I blame my mother, my doctors, and even universities, church leaders, and hospitals i fight with.

But Dear Creator, You amase me constantly.

This poor woman so down and out, and I still have a home, my dear husband, and my family.

I still have food and medical health insurance.

With all my misfortunes my situation could be so much worse.

And through your infinite grace, i am still alive and have the luxury of warmth and love.

I ask you to please lay out a path for my return to the church.

I want to confess and feel welcomed by my church.

I want to take your holy sacrament and feel the joy of you in me.

Please allow my husband and I to feel better physically so we can tryly enjoy the wonder of the world.

Please help my son and his family.

Help us find a way to help Jacob our grandson learn to communicate.

Help him to want to go to school.

Help my grandaughter through this difficult time in her life, and allow her to become more sweet.

Guide my son and his wife in love, and love for us. Help our family to be more united and loving with one another.

I also beg you to help Mando and David and their parents.

Help recover all drug and alcoholic dependents and bring them safety, love, and security.

I thank you God, Jesus son of God from the depth of my heart.

I love you.

Help my mother forgive me.