Please guide me

Father God, please guide me.

I have no idea where I’m going nor do I feel if my decision are right.

I’m fearful, my faith has slowly disappeared.

I believe that you love me but I’m just not sure anymore.

I ask for signs but maybe you showing me but I’m blind.

Why is this all happening ? have i not been a good person so is this my lesson. I get it please father holds me that I’ve never been held with love.

I just wanted to feel loved and I did for some time by my kids now look… where did I go wrong. I’ve spoken your name to all my peers so they can know you.. so why is this happening? where am I going? what should I do? im so afraid please lord show me the way I don’t want to fail to please God help me I’m drowning and I feel like i can breathe.

I’m begging you all I really want is to mend things with dezi and have all 3 of my kids. Lord father God please please help me fix things with her and guide me on this nee road. For only u know how scared I am.

Father, I can’t do this it’s too much. Why god why? I cant see ahead.

Comfoet me father God please forgive me for all I’ve done and let me at least have the kids. And show me the way father I pray amen