Please save us God

God Please End this Coronavirus pandemic and bring back life to a normal phase

Please, God. Please. Please don’t snatch away beloved family members.

Please. We understand God that, it is high time we should stop fighting and live our lives peacefully and protect mother earth.

Please, God.

Keep everyone’s family safe. Please protect my mother and father. My grandmother and grandma.

My aunt and her family. My friends and their family. And yes, please protect me, for the sake of my parents. Please keep my grandmoms safe. Please keep everyone hail and hearty. Please, God.

Please. I beg you. We are your family, please show us your mercy. Thank you for the blessings you have showered me with. Please accept my prayers. Please don’t kill people ruthlessly and untimely.

Please don’t ruin families. Please, God. You are the protector. Please don’t be merciless. Please stop any further merciless death.

I beg you wholeheartedly God. Please bring back a new, safe, fresh, happy tomorrow. I have full faith in you. Please, God. Please.