Take Me In. Love, Beth

Dear God, Forgive me for my sins.

I know I’ve been gone for so so long, and I’m so very sorry.

Last night showed me that You really are there for me.

I did not deserve their forgiveness…

and I CERTAINLY don’t deserve Yours. Yet, Lord, here I am, needing you.

I’m sorry, so so so sorry for all I’ve done.

Thank You for sending Your Son in my place.

Jesus, thank You for taking my place.

Please send your Holy Spirit to help me out.

God I am so alone here right now.

I have been so lonley for so long.

Jesus, please save me.

Let me know what you think of me…

am I as worthless as i feel? Am I really Yours? Can You make me happy again? Please do…

if you will.

I love You, and am longing to feel that peace I once had with you.

Please, Jesus, bring me back to your arms.

Take Me In.

Love, Beth