loving me so much eternally.

hi, i know its not a must I write to you thru email in order for you to hear me but at the moment I feel i really have to.

thanx again for jana.

kibet calling me was the best surprise from you.

and seeing peter was also a good thing but how come im feeling so sad.

i know it most probably coz he hasn’t told me what I wanted to hear. but something inside me tells me kibet will call me later coz iv sent him a flashback.i couldn’t ask about his current gal.

i was afraid of the answer but clearly, peter doesn’t believe kibet deserves me.t

hats why i asked you to intervene so dat you make us into your best and worth each other.

God im sorry for intefering sometimes.ni ujinga mwingine nataka utoe kutoka kichwa chanu sasa hivi.

now I’m begging you to start working overtime on that issue.

want wonder how but show me some results

.you kno how much i love him.

pliz help me.plus give me super concentration on the revision for my exams.

i want to pass.zimebaki seven days.i know its possible jus nipe hiyo revision technique poa.

and i pass all the units cum the results in jan 2008.

i feel much better now that i have talked to you.

i always do.

thanx so much.

i love you.

i want to start seeing results after all my exams next week but one.

till then keep my thots pure na kwa masomo.

thanx again for loving me so much eternally.