Want something want I need

Dear Lord, please let Kody jay carols Cobb be my friend first then he date me age 45 years old, and we watches movie in out somewhere in eat out at red lobster restaurant and yes, I get his cell phone number and he get my cell phone number in calling and texting and get married

have own house and family together and live at athletes apartment home in yes where boyfriend live and we have sexy and in a relationship apartment together in we have a two kid girl older in baby son and yeah and age 53 to 56 years old and then in we got a Shepherd dog boy one in we go to church together with kid in yes !

Let me die my red house stay red and yes in let my daughter die her hair blonde and yes darker skin tone kid and yes grandkid and let me be teacher and my job age 70 to 79 years old and then let me be a pre-k grade teacher math teacher helping in yes then please blessed me lord Jesus Christ name amen