Christ, love always, angela.

Lord, I feel my journey with You have been so long and through so much, but I know that even though I know not how long I will live, our journey is still young.

There are more things to go through. Please forgive me. I feel so far from You. I wish my life would make sense.

I remember back then…that time in my life I consider being closer to You. I can’t make sense of how to relate to You now.

What worked in the past doesn’t work anymore. I do love You. I hope You know that. Even though I may seem so far, I love You and need You. I need Your arms around me. I need You to help me. I need Your words in my life. Please save me.

Save me for the millionth time. Please let me find home. I am unsure of many things right now, and there are so much in my life that I am beginning to resent, if I don’t already. Please. Please let my life come alive. Let my spirit soar.

Pull me out of this dump I’m in. Oh, God…I do love You.

I’m just tired of so many things. Please. Will You reach out to me? Carry me through this dessert. Please. Please.

I’m so sorry for everything. And thank You because deep down, I know You never left me. I know You love me. And You hear me…

How I need Your love right now. I need the loving God that understands beyond imagination what I’m going through. I need You as my friend.

I love You, God. I lift my heart to You, and my spirit, and my soul, and everything.

You are and will always be.

In Christ, love always, angela.