COME AND HELP ME!!!!!!!!Amen.

Dear God, I prayed through your beloved Son Jesus Christ need ask for your forgiveness, strength and help in my daily life.

My life seem not in good condition or situation and every times I keep blaming you for creating me such as a human that I am now.

I am not only blaming you my God, I also express my hatred feeling to you for the time that I need you the most, you never come to my assistant. I really hate my life and at the same time I hate YOU too who created me and I wish I never exist in this world.

My existence in this world is nothing!, nothing!…I always confused with my own life.

Why God?, why God?, why God? and why have you forsaken me?. Every night before I sleep, I keep saying repeatedly ??I hate my life & I hate God?? this make me really tired. Most of the times I have doubt in the existence of God.

Did God really exist? Did God really merciful? Where is God when I really need HIM? etc…

I am really tired dealing with myself and God. My God, My God, if you are listening to the cry of my heart and the deep hurt in my heart please come to my rescue.

Please tell me that you really loved me & care for me.

I really don’t know what to do and very-very tired with my weaknesses in life.

Tired for blaming my life and you my God.

Please I beg you and really begging you, help in my weaknesses.

Weaknesses that I really cannot bear any more.

God, please help me.

You know what I want, you know what is in my heart. God, my life really in troubled.

I can’t handle it by myself without your help.

Please once again I called upon your name, COME AND HELP ME!!!!!!!!