I just wanna say thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins.

I want you to know the most hardest thing in life is believing in something u cant see…..

But I have faith that your here, and near, and always a ear……Away…:-)

I know I have done my share of things u surely don’t approve, but I know u have forgiven me for.

It is a daily struggle to stay away from temptations., though I have.

I ask that you mend my health so I may become more in this life and have my dream of simply ?? Being remembered??…,

And doing for my only child no less…

So I can show him no matter what, nothing takes momma down..:-)

As for my love life, only u can guide me to whom I should be with…

I pray that with my current situation, that I’m doing the right thing and going the right way…….

Through all my bad…

I assure you I am good and you know my heart. Don’t forget me….

And thanks for all the signs that your with me…

I feel them…:-) faithfully yours..