I decided to write this because I

Dear God!~I pray to you..

but not i used to or need to!~I really am thankful for the positive ppl that you have placed n my life n the negative that way I can teach them sum good and learn from their badd!~

I really do apologize for all the wrong I’ve done against you as well!~

I will never put another god before you because are the one and only!~

I decided to write this because I thought I needed to get some things off my chest and u needed to hear it!~weather I pray to you or write either way i know u are listening n watching over me !~ please lord bless mah brother {you know that situation} and mah sister for her ways and mah lil nephew and mah mother!~ mah bf and last but not least me lord!? because i really need tha blessin!~

again I want you to forgive me dearly for all mah sins against you!~! please lord, lead me in the right direction because I’m lost right now!! i know i gotta do things alone!~ but for now at this current moment, I NEED? you lord!~

n Jesus name i pray!~ -thank you!~