is Jesus who lifts me up ,AMEN

dear heavenly Father, I know I am not worthy of all you do for me.

yet you continue to bless me.

I can never in all lifetimes put together, begin to repay your love.

please forgive me for not knowing you. you have walked with me for all my life, and I mocked you,I rejected you,I laughed at you, I scorned you, I cursed you, Now I ask you, please forgive me,I have no right to ask but through your word and promise I do, from now until I take my last breath here on earth lord I want to do your Will,my walk will be hard and I know I will make mistakes, yet I know now that you are there to guide me,

please give me strength, in all I do, I want you with me lord,I know now that with you I have hope, I have eternal life, Jesus paid for my sins with a love that can never be matched, for 51 years I turned from you, I am so sorry, now let me serve you, let all I do be for you.

though my walk , now with age, has become slow, my stride is no longer wide, but now I walk on solid ground, giving me someone to work with each step of the way that will observe my walk and know that it is my lords love that has made me change my ways, let me do your work now lord, let me be humble, and mindful for you, let others see my walk, for now, my pathway is lit, and if I stumble, it is Jesus who lifts me up,, AMEN