Give me the strength

Thank you, lord Jesus for everything you have done in my life, for all the good things that you have done and for the times you have saved me, and for the strength you gave me to get through the dark and hard times.

Thank you, god, for the amazing people in my life. Father, forgive me, for I have been distant and not prayful. Pls help mewan fall in love with me, pls help me. Do a miracle, lord Jesus and make us fall.. pls allow me to move on from sandharus divorce, and pls forgive me for it.
Pls, from a miracle let his mood improve and let us be better and meet tomorrow. Align me and the universe, lord Jesus.

Father give me strength

Father, king of the world, Give me the strength to deal with my life, thank you for giving me a wife and children and parents […]

The strength to be vulnerable.

I feel so hurt and unworthy and guilty. I am ashamed of my past and because of it I am hindered in pursuing future relationships. […]

I ask you to give me the strength

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home give me strength please

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Soul and strength. Amen Amen

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strength for me and my family.

I know I have done wrong, I have used your name in vain and I have been unapproachable to my family because of my selfishness […]


Lord, help me to find my way when the person I love and trust hurts me. Help me to learn to trust again. Help me