Thank-You,I love You

Dear God: Thank you for your gifts and blessings and even today in my darkest hours to find this outlet,here where I’ve had the humbling opportunity to read these many prayers of such honest & pure souls I thank-you and ask that as I a nobody,could be so moved by this experience I pray for those who have prayed here and add my prayer to theirs that each one is comforted knowing that somebody else (a nobody, by human standards)prays for them and their needs .

That each prayer written here is registered before you and that we can all come together as thy children giving thanks for the gift of your Son .

thank-you for the New Apostolic Church which has brought me to humbly know you,My Father,My dearest loved one and my God.

Please shorten the time and send your Son .

I love you,please accept my thanks ,forgive my shortcomings & sin and let me know you more every moment I live.

Let the power and fulfilment of the prayers encompass all who earnestly have prayed .

You know our every need and into your hands to I commend myself knowing you have only thoughts of love & peace towards thy children.

May we touch your heart that out of this love your inspired to Bless us beyond what we can comprehend.

I Thank-You ,I love You