And be with me all the time.

Dear God, Please forgive me for all the sins i have done intentionally/un-intentionally in this birth and all previous births.

please make me free from the burden of any sins and any curses or spells.

please rejuvenate my health, cure and heal any problems, diseases.

cure my diabetes and all sexual problems, physical/mental weaknesses.

rise from any mental blocks, setbacks in the past which might me stopping me from succeeding in life.

may I achieve success and growth in all forms of life.

achieve success in work/career.

please bless me to find a life partner and get married.

may i always be able to fulfill all my responsibilities well.

towards my parents, relatives and friends.

may i be able to recover from all anxieties and become successful and achieve true happiness and peace in life.

may i be blessed with a very good married life, a good life partner and blessed with children.

may I earn lot of good deeds in this life.

do good to others, help others and earn blessings from everyone in life.

may I gain good health, happiness and success in work and life.

God please help me and guide me to choose the right path, make the right decisions at right time in life always.

and always emerge as a winner whatever be the situation.

God, please guide me always and be with me all the time.

How Do You Make The Right Decision?